Kala Wewa

A reservoir built by King Datusena in the 4th century AD, the Kala Wewa is a marvel of ancient engineering.

The Importance of Kala Wewa to Ancient Anuradhapura

The reservoir was instrumental in feeding thousands of acres of paddy farms during the reign of the ancient kings, in addition to supplying water to smaller tanks in the kingdom. The Yoda Ela (Giant Canal) carried water from Kala Wewa to the Thisa Wewa reservoir, which was located within the capital city of Anuradhapura. The 87km long Yoda Ela has a gradient of 10cm-20cm per kilometer, a feature that baffles many experts even today. Elephants venture to the banks of the Kala Wewa on most evenings, creating a rather charming sight to behold.

❂ Useful Tips:

  • Kala Wewa is located outside the city limits of Anuradhapura, in Kekirawa.
  • Kala Wewa plays a significant role in the tale of King Datusena and his son King Kashyapa, the latter who created the citadel of Sigiriya.