Plan YourHoliday in Colombo

The eclectic coastal city of Colombo is a wonderful melting pot of traditions, cultures and faiths, mixed with colonial history and modern development. It is the home of diversity on the island; probably the only place in the country where you will see the rich tapestry woven by all those who have landed on this resplendent isle and stayed on to call it home.

Although Colombo may not traditionally be considered a ‘tourist destination’, with many itinerary planners recommending the island’s beach, historic or wildlife destinations instead, we believe that the city is a great place to truly experience the essence of Sri Lanka.  From museums and antique shops to diverse religious sites to colonial era monuments, Colombo has plenty of attractions to interest the history and culture buff.

If modern culture is more your thing, Colombo will not disappoint. From art galleries to promenades to trendy restaurants, bars and clubs, there is never a shortage of fun things to do in the city. You can also get your sun and sand fix in this city, which lies along the western coast of the island, or immerse yourself in the busy streets and experience the best of the city, just like the locals do!

There are plenty of interesting things to do in Colombo if you are travelling with young children, or in a large group.

Solo travellers are bound to meet fellow travellers or locals in the friendly city, and couples will find that there are many fun and romantic things to do here. Colombo is also well suited for budget travellers, as well as business travellers who have a limited amount of time to spend in the country.

See our comprehensive guides before you plan your holiday in Colombo, we are sure you will find something you love!