Whale Watchingin Mirissa

Mirissa, a hamlet that has fast become a great respite for all types of travellers, has a thriving marine ecosystem that has made the reefs and the surrounding waters home to several species.

Hop on a passenger vessel, travel a few kilometres offshore and witness the majestic Blue Whale breach out of the water with its enormous tail fin. However, the Blue Whale is not the only water dwelling mammal taking refuge in these waters. Other species of whales, such as the Baleen Whale, Toothed Whale and Byrde’s Whale to name but three, can also be sighted during your whale watching excursion in Mirissa.

Do keep in mind though that sighting the largest mammals in the world can be time consuming, as they constantly move around the waters of the island. However, the months from December to April are considered to be peak season in Mirissa, increasing your chances to capture glimpses of the various species of whales.

Remember to listen carefully to the instructions of your tour guide before you embark on the excursion. After all, we are but visitors in the territory of these majestic marine creatures.