Heritage & Faith Combined


Nestled in the central hill country of Sri Lanka, the city of Kandy has a long and fascinating past. It has played an important role in the politics, culture and history of the country, and has the distinction of being the only Sri Lankan kingdom to endure against European invaders for at least 300 years. Today, the city welcomes visitors with a warm hospitality and a treasure trove of delightful experiences and places to see.

Tales Of Kandy

Kandy has the distinction and pride of being the only Sri Lankan city to defy the European colonizers for just over 300 years. The city retained much of its culture and heritage even after in fell to British rule in 1815. The Kandyan Kingdom, the last independent kingdom of Sri Lanka, has many interesting tales of bravery, betrayal, faith and legend. Read on to learn more about these tales which provide insight into the city and its illustrious history.

Key Attractions And Things To Do

Kandy has many historic and culturally important places to visit. The immediate surroundings of the city have some great sites for hikes and treks as well.

Plan Your Holiday in Kandy

Kandy has much to offer those who want to venture out and experience the history, culture and natural beauty of the city and its surroundings.

Best Experiences In Kandy

Kandy is a great city to experience the culture and history of Sri Lanka, as it was the last kingdom to hold onto to autonomy in the face of colonization.

Hotels In Kandy

The bustling city of Kandy has accommodation options located in the heart of the busy city, or tucked away in peaceful hilly neighbourhoods.