History & Culture Endure Forever


Located on the northernmost end of Sri Lanka, Jaffna is a city shrouded in folklore dating back to ancient times. The city was also a significant location for the European nations that colonized Sri Lanka for over 400 years. Its more recent history is one of endurance in the face of severe hardship, as the city was a battlefield during the country’s 30-year ethnic conflict.

Today, the city of Jaffna is developing rapidly and welcomes visitors to experience its unique cultural sites, delicious cuisine and warm hospitality.

Key Attractions And Things To Do

Dating back thousands of years, or just a few hundred, Jaffna has many fascinating religious and cultural places to visit.

Best Experiences In Jaffna

The city of Jaffna is considerably different to other cities in the country, and this is reflected in the experiences you can have here as well. Partly due to the changing landscapes and partly due to its unique culture and society, Jaffna gives you a different take on the paradise island.

Hotels In Jaffna

Jaffna is a wonderful place to explore while you are in Sri Lanka. The developing city has many accommodation options to choose from.