Built in the year 1816 by the Portuguese, Fort Hammenhiel is considered to be the northernmost fortification on the island. It was used to defend the trade monopoly from invaders.

Although built by the Portuguese, it was subsequently taken over by the Dutch, and then the British. From the ramparts to the very rooms, the complex still sports its original structure.

What You Can See Now

The fort is now a resort operated and run by the Sri Lankan Navy, enabling guests to relive a little bit of history. There is evidence that the fort consisted of a functional jail. Today, guests can occupy one of the cells and imagine what life was like for prisoners of old. The ramparts, gates, cannons, bastions, including the very armoury used back in the day are on display.

❂ Useful Tips:

  • You will need to make arrangements with the Sri Lanka Navy to tour the fort.
  • You can book a stay at the fort through the official website.