Located in the suburb of Palaly, in the northernmost point of the peninsula, the Keerimalai Springs offer a refreshing break for many travellers. Many interesting folk tales narrate the miraculous powers of its waters.

Legend states that the springs were formed when a Pandyan princess built the Naguleswaram Temple, after she was cured of her horse-shaped face by the gods. Even today, the waters are considered to have miraculous powers that aid in curing many ailments.

What to Expect

Presently, the springs are frequented by many locals and tourists alike, so it can get quite crowded, especially during the day. The springs are believed to draw water from a bottomless well, a few kilometres away, which explains the never-ending supply.

❂ Useful Tips:

  • Visit the springs in the early morning, if you want to avoid the crowds.
  • Makes sure to bring a change of clothes.

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