Travelling Solo in Colombo

Travelling solo can be extremely liberating, but also a little lonely at times. Here’s a list of things you can do in the vibrant and friendly city of Colombo if you are flying solo.

Museums in Colombo

Sri Lanka has a wonderfully fascinating past that is bound to interest anyone who is interested in history and heritage. There are a number of museums in Colombo that offer interesting insights into life in ancient Sri Lanka during the times of kings as well as after the island was colonized by the Portuguese, Dutch and British. Start your day with a visit to one or more of these.

Places of Worship

If you are still interested in experiencing more of Colombo’s cultural heritage, feel free to check out the different places of worship that demonstrate the city’s diversity. Temples, churches, mosques and kovils are located all over the city and showcase the city’s past as a cultural melting pot.

Parks in Colombo

There are two parks in the heart of Colombo that are easily accessible and free to use. The Viharamahadevi Park in Town Hall and the park surrounding the Independence Square in Colombo Seven are perfect places to take a quiet evening stroll or even go for a quick jog to shed those extra calories that you are about to add on, thanks to the city’s great culinary scene! The best times to head over to the parks are either pretty early on in the morning or after 5pm.


Sri Lanka is famous for the availability of stylish, yet affordable garments and clothing accessories. There are many large stores dotted around Colombo that stock a wide range of clothes and accessories for men, women and children. Some of the most popular are Odel Department Store, House of Fashion, Cool Planet and Cotton Collection.

If you would like to buy local mementos as souvenirs or gifts, head over to Paradise Road and Barefoot Gallery. If you want to splurge a little extra, there are a number of gem and jewellery stores in Colombo that sell beautifully designed gold, white gold and platinum pieces.

Galle Face Green Promenade

Head over to the promenade, that overlooks the Indian Ocean, just before sunset. Catch the beautiful views of the setting sun and indulge in some great Sri Lankan street food from the various carts and stalls that line the promenade. Remember to carry cash, as these small vendors do not carry electronic payment devices. Solo female travelers should take caution, as the busy venue can have a few overly friendly local youth who may try to initiate interactions.


Colombo has a large number of health spas that offer a range of massage therapies. Spa Ceylon provides the best in therapeutic services by blending local ayurvedic practices with international standards, thus allowing you to feel completely relaxed and renewed.


Sri Lanka is famed for its unique cuisine, which comes bundled with warm Sri Lankan hospitality. The luxury hotels dotted around the Colombo Fort area provide the best in local and international cuisine. Most hotels have an international buffet in their main restaurants, but you can also find restaurants that specialize in specific types of cuisine such as Sri Lankan, Indian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Italian.

If you don’t enjoy big city hotels, you can head over to the Paradise Road Gallery Café, the Dutch Hospital Precinct or Park Street and try out the various cuisines and beverages on the menu, while reveling in the exciting atmosphere around you.