Restand Relax in Bentota

The popular beach resort town of Bentota is a great place to have a peaceful and relaxing beach vacation in the paradise isle of Sri Lanka. Here’s a list of tranquil experiences that will definitely help you rest and rejuvenate.


Bentota has a wonderful and wide stretch of beach that is ideal for quiet sunbathing if you want to build up a nice tan. As the ocean here is generally safe for swimming, you can luxuriate in the clear blue tropical waters or even do a bit of snorkelling to enjoy the colourful marine life that thrives here. There are plenty of lovely beach resorts and private villas that will complete your experience with comfortable, luxurious rooms and delicious food.


Enjoy a soothing massage to release all the tension and stress from your muscles, or get some gentle skin nourishment if you have over exposed yourself to the sun. There are a number of spas that offer a variety of treatments to choose from.

River boating

A tranquil boat cruise on the Bentota river is a great way to spend a morning and get a taste of nature. The river cruise will take you through a canopy of mangroves and you will be able to spot birds and reptiles, including lizards and crocodiles. It is a very calming and soothing experience that you can enjoy by yourself or in a group.