Gangaramaya& Seema Malakaya

Built in the latter half of the 19 th Century, the Buddhist Gangaramaya Temple is unique in that it serves as a cultural centre that houses a number of intriguing artefacts of the Buddhist world, in addition to being a serene place of worship. Artefacts such as bronze and brass statues of the Buddha gifted by neighbouring Asian countries, and other relics can be viewed at the temple. The temple building itself is fascinating as it incorporates Sri Lankan, Thai, Indian, and Chinese architecture.

The Gangaramaya Temple is also famous for hosting a procession of colourful pageantry known as the Gangaramaya Navam Perahera, along with the Buddha Rashmi National Vesak Festival, which boasts of colourful processions and activities that light up the city.

The Seema Malakaya meditation centre residing at the end of a pier on the Beira Lake is a short walk from the Gangaramaya Temple and should definitely be visited. Built in the same eclectic styles of Asian temples, it serves as an ideal escape from crowded Colombo.