Unawatuna is home to a number of beautiful golden beaches, making it one of the most visited places on the southern coast. Located about 6km away from the city of Galle, the Unawatuna bay is extremely popular amongst both locals and tourists. The natural coral reef makes it safe to swim and engage in water sports such as surfing, jet skiing, snorkelling and diving. The beach is lined with guest houses, bars and restaurants, making the stretch one of the most active after sundown. Most of the restaurants in Unawatuna are famous for hosting epic parties that attract people from all over the island. The area is certainly the best place for night-life in Galle.

The Unawatuna beach can get rather crowded because of its immense popularity. If you prefer a more secluded location to spend your time in the sun, head over to the Dalawella beach located about 4.5km south from the Unawatuna beach. The pristine sandy beaches here are pretty isolated, with swimming possible in the stretch of ocean directly in front of the Wijeya Beach Restaurant. Dalawella is also home to the insta-famous rope swing which is located at the Dream Cabana guest house.

Mihiripenna beach is also a delightful place to visit. This beach is located about 5.5km south of the Unawatuna beach, and about 1km away from Dalawella. A natural pool, created by a coral reef, is great for swimming and snorkelling.

Jungle beach in Unawatuna is a rather secluded stretch of beach, accessed through a path which cuts through a jungle. It is certainly an interesting place to visit if you are feeling a little adventurous. The clear blue waters are ideal for snorkelling and swimming.