Hakgala Botanical Garden

The Hakgala Botanical Garden, located in the area referred to as Seetha Eliya, is one of five botanical gardens in the country. The location of the garden is believed to be linked to the Sanskrit tale of Ramayana. It is believed that Sita was held captive in the location of the garden by her kidnapper Ravana, who was the King of Lanka.

Recent history states that the gardens were built by the British in the year 1861 as a horticultural land for experimenting with the cultivation of Cinchona plants. With the passing of time, it was transformed into a garden for tropical and sub-tropical plants and has now become a haven for over 10,000 species of flora, which can be best witnessed during the season of spring.

The vibrant colours of the flowering plants, along with the resplendent backdrop of lush green mountains creates the perfect backdrop for some memorable pictures.