Pedro Tea Estate and Lover’s Leap Waterfall

Nuwara Eliya was, and still is, the principal tea growing region in the country and a visit to the tea plantations should definitely be on your itinerary.

The Pedro Tea Estate, established in 1885, is considered to be one of the first places in which the pioneer of the local tea industry, James Taylor perfected the art of growing Ceylon Tea. The estate is just about 3.5km away from the center of Nuwara Eliya.

Retrace the steps of the colonial pioneer while you walk through the tea bushes, learn the art of tea plucking and experience the process of how the famed tea brand comes to life. What makes this particular tea estate all the more enticing, is that the manufacturing process remains true to orthodox methods which have been used for over a century. Once you are done with the plantation and factory visit, head over to the Lovers’ Leap Ethical Tea Boutique located right above the estate and enjoy a cup or two of hot tea while you enjoy the lush green view. Take note that the tea factory is closed between 12-2pm, so you will need to plan your visit around that.

If you are up for it, you could also head towards the resplendent Lover’s Leap Waterfall, accessible through the estate. Possessing an intriguing legend of how two lovers ended their lives by jumping into the abyss, it certainly does make for a great adventure.