Sigiriya with the Family

Sigiriya is a definite must-see for anyone who visits Sri Lanka, simply because of its history, architectural splendour and cultural significance. However, it may not be the most fascinating place for young kids who have little to no interest in history! Do not worry, there are many things to do in the Sigiriya region that are bound to keep the younger members of the family well entertained.


Having made it all the way to Sri Lanka, you should definitely take the family to visit the Sigiriya rock, which is a pretty splendid architectural creation. The terrace, water and boulder gardens in the surrounding landscape may be of more interest to the young ones.

Here are some tips to make the experience more pleasant if you are travelling with kids.

  • Get there early, before it gets too sunny and you have to stand in long queues
  • Make sure the kids are wearing sunblock and hats or caps
  • Warn them not to scream and shout or to feed and pet the monkeys that frequent the place
  • Take plenty of water with you

If you think the kids can handle a little more history and culture, you can visit the glorious cave temple complex in Dambulla. Filled with grand sculptures and murals dating back to ancient times, the temple is certainly worth a visit.

Safari Rides

A safari ride inside the Minneriya National Park or the Kaudulla National Park is going to be a highlight of your time in Sigiriya. Both parks are famous for large herds of elephants that roam about freely. There are also plenty of other animals and birds to see at the parks.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

If your kids are over seven years of age, taking them on a hot air balloon ride over the Sri Lankan countryside will be a wonderfully exciting experience. You will need to pre-book this experience, and speak with the hot air balloon operators regarding any concerns you may have in taking the kids.

Cycling Tour

Take a guided cycling trip in the surroundings of Sigiriya and neighbouring Habarana, where you will visit rural villages, traveling through rice paddy fields and vegetable farms. These tours are a wonderful way to experience the daily lives of Sri Lankans and are great fun for kids too.