An intriguing cave that has remnants of both prehistoric and historic value, the Bamabragasthalawa Cave is believed to have been the place in which one of the last battles between Sri Lanka’s ‘Beast Men’ and the Lenema Veddahs took place, with the former going completely extinct.

The cave also serves as a vestige from the 9 th Century AD, during the era of the Ruhuna Kingdom. Ruins of stupas, inscriptions on the walls, along with a dilapidated statue of the reclining Buddha are just some of the more intriguing sites in the cave that have led many an archaeologist to claim that this cave was once called the Bambaragasthalawa Naga Pabbata Monastery, and was occupied by several priests and devotees.

Although this is indeed an interesting place to visit, prior arrangements have to be made with local authorities to gain access to the site.