Surfingin Weligama

Located just a few hours away from Colombo, Weligama is one of those coastal areas where you can take things slow, or take up a new water sport. Surfing is one of the more popular water sports in Weligama, as the conditions are ideal for the surfer who is trying to find their composure on the long board.

The waves in Weligama are relatively small and harmless when compared to other popular surfing areas in the island, as the tides are predictable, and the short waves always collapse at the sand- bottomed shore. The season generally runs from November to April.

As Weligama is a surfing hotspot, you do not need to have your own board to start your surfing journey. You can just rent a board from one of the stalls at the shoreline. You can also get assistance from a surf instructor if you are just learning.