Wetland Parksin Sri Lanka

Wetland Parks in Sri Lanka are often overshadowed by the larger and diverse national parks; however, it is these parks that maintain the diverse ecosystems in the more urban regions of the country. The island has several wetland parks scattered throughout, resulting in little pockets where endemic flora and fauna thrive.

The wetland parks are famous for being home to a few mammals, along with a large selection of reptiles, amphibians and bird species. Although small in size, it is the 436 bird species that truly benefit from these marshy lands, which contribute to the island’s diversity. It would be helpful to keep in mind that the ideal time to visit the wetland parks in Sri Lanka is during the migration of birds, which occur between November and April.

The Beddegana Wetland Park, the Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary, the Kitulgala Forest Reserve, and even the Bodinagala Forest Reserve are just some of the small wetland parks that enable you to experience marshy terrains along with the endemic beauty of Sri Lanka’s wildlife.

Excursions here are always conducted by experienced guides that help you traverse the rough terrain, and also provide valuable insight into the habitats of the animals. Make sure you come prepared, as it can get quite difficult to traverse certain areas.