Explore theRamayana Trail in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a rich history that dates back thousands of years, and this means that the island is filled with many interesting tales, legends and intriguing mythology.

The legend of Ramayana is one of the most important in Hindu mythology. While there are numerous sites in India that are linked to the epic tale, Sri Lanka is said to have over 50 Ramayana sites, from the places where Seetha Devi was imprisoned to the battlefields where Lord Rama defeated Ravana, the ten-headed demon-king of Lanka.

Whether you are at the Seetha Amman Temple erected to memorialize Seetha’s devotion to Rama, or gazing at the strength of Ravana Ella (waterfall), or trekking through the jungle to reach Seetha Kotuwa (fort), the Ramayana trail is a wonderful opportunity to explore the epic legend.

The Ramayana tour in Sri Lanka is very popular among the locals as well as those who visit the island. It’s the perfect blend of a pilgrimage and holiday, covering many of these places of religious significance, along with some other beautiful attractions.

Infinity Vacations gives you the opportunity to follow this trail and experience the mythical journey of the well known tale of the Ramayana. The tour offers an in depth experience that allows you to truly immerse yourself in the spiritual, epic tale of Rama and Seetha.

Some of the key Ramayana Trail destination highlights include:

Seetha Amman Temple – Seetha is believed to have sat on a nearby rock and prayed that her husband Rama would soon come to her rescue. To memorialize Sita and her devotion to Rama, the Hindu temple Seetha Amman was erected at this site.
Gayathri Peetam – This temple is dedicated to the goddess Gayathri. It is believed to be the place where the gods Siva, Brahma and Vishnu, appeared when King Ravana’s son Meghanada performed the sacred rituals Shiva Thapas and Nikumbala Yagna and was granted supernatural powers.

Divurumpola Temple -The Buddhist temple Divurumpola (place of oath) located in the central highlands, is believed to be the place where Seetha’s Agni Pariksha took place. The temple contains many paintings that memorialize this specific event from the Ramayana.

Ravana Ella – The natural pools made by the waterfall is believed to be the very place in which Princess Seetha once bathed.

Ravana Cave – This cave, located in close proximity to Ravana Ella, is believed to be one of the locations in which King Ravana hid Princess Seetha after he abducted her.

Other attractions you would visit during the experience include:

  • Seethawaka
  • Galle Fort/ Devinuwara
  • Kataragama
  • Walli Temple
  • Ravana Kanda
  • Ramboda Bhaktha Hanuman Temple
  • Temple of the tooth
  • Seetha Kotuwa
  • Rama Temple
  • Konewashwaram Temple
  • Shakthi Peedam
  • Badrakali Temple
  • Nallur Temple
  • Rama Sethu
  • Thalei Mannar Jetti
  • Mahawarai Temple
  • Muneshwaram Temple
  • Kelaniya Vibishana Temple

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