Solo Timein Bentota

From visits to ancient temples, to sun bathing, to invigorating water sports, the town of Bentota has plenty of activities to keep you occupied if you are travelling around Sri Lanka by yourself.

Water Sports Beckon

The beaches of Bentota are ideal to just stroll about and admire the scenic beauty of the Indian Ocean. At the same time, the beaches are perfect to engage in some adrenaline filled activities such as windsurfing, jet skiing, and banana boating. Should you be looking to go deeper into the ocean, scuba diving or snorkelling are perfect ways to explore the vibrant coral reefs and the marine life that thrives in Sri Lankan waters.

Witness History

The history of Bentota is almost always overshadowed by its beaches. However, take time to explore the historical monuments that throw light on the country’s illustrious past. The Galapatha Raja Maha Viharaya is an ancient Buddhist temple that showcases some fine works of art, in addition to being a complex that houses a sacred tooth relic belonging to one the key disciples of Lord Buddha, Anubuddha Maha Kassyapa Arahat.

A River Shrouded in Folklore

A few hundred metres away from the Galapatha Temple is the Benthara River, a body of water that is at the heart of a popular legend. Long ago, it was believed that the river was the domain of a demon that would prevent anyone from crossing the river. Presently though, it is considered to be one of the more picturesque rivers in the southern coast of the island and is ideal for a river cruise.

Landscaping at its Best

The Brief Garden located a few kilometres away from the Bentota town takes you away from the sun and sand and into a cool and tranquil tropical garden. It was built by Bevis Bawa in 1929, who was the brother of renowned architect Geoffrey Bawa, as a respite to enjoy the rustic beauty of the paradise island. Within the gardens are several floral species that are both, endemic and rare. The garden is the perfect place to enjoy lush tropical flora.

❂ Useful Tips:

  • The best time to visit Bentota is from November to April.
  • Be prepared for the hot and humid weather of Bentota. It is best to carry a bottle of water if you are travelling around the town.

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