Colombo National Museum

The Colombo National Museum, located in a quiet corner of the suburb of Colombo Seven, is an important complex that houses several historical, cultural and natural artefacts. Founded in 1877 by Sir William Henry Gregory, who was the British Governor of Ceylon at the time, this is the largest museum in the country.

The museum contains several important relics belonging to the old Sri Lankan kingdoms, including ancient agricultural tools, household utensils, musical instruments, costumes, medical objects, stone antiquities, pottery, brassware, wood carvings and weapons. The showpiece historical items of the museum are the original throne and crown jewels which belonged to the Kingdom of Kandy. These two symbolic items were returned to Sri Lanka by the British in a gesture of goodwill in 1934.

Other wings dedicated to the display of Sri Lanka’s natural history contain various species of flora and fauna that thrive in the country. The giant skeleton of a Blue Whale hanging from the ceiling of the natural history wing never fails to captivate the throngs of school children who visit the museum.