Nine ArchBridge

One of the most iconic images of Sri Lanka’s mountainside, the Nine Arch Bridge is an architectural wonder and a unique attraction which blends manmade structure with natural beauty in the best possible way. Many who travel to the town of Ella often come here to view the steam train chugging along the bridge.

What to See

The Nine Arch Bridge has a history that spans almost 100 years. Completed in 1921 during British Ceylon, the viaduct bridge still serves as the primary rail line that connects Demodara and Ella. There are numerous legends about the construction of the bridge, one of the more popular is that the entire bridge was constructed from brick and cement, without any steel, as there was a shortage of the latter due to the First World War.

The bridge still stands as one of the most iconic attractions of Sri Lanka’s hill-country. Many locals and tourists flock to the site, as the views of the surrounding mountains and the trains passing by create a picturesque sight.

❂ Useful Tips:

  • Make sure you check the train schedule, before you head to the location.
  • There are many spots to view the train. Just ask the locals or your hotel manager for the closest one.

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