Pidurangala Rock

When King Kashyapa built his fortress at Sigiriya in the 5 th Century AD, the monks who had taken abode at the rock for centuries, were relocated to a monastery at neighbouring Pidurangala. Today, the Pidurangala rock is visited for its temple, as well as for its panoramic views of Sigiriya. Just keep in mind that admittance to the temple requires a specific dress code; covering shoulders and legs.

The temple has a few artefacts such as a reclining Buddha statue, which at one time in history was the largest statue of its kind. The rock is blessed by mother nature too, as several species of flora and fauna take refuge in its surroundings, making the hike all the more interesting.

Hiking to the summit is not as easy as Sigiriya, as the journey requires you to climb over massive boulders and squeeze through small gaps. Therefore, it should only be attempted by those who have some level of fitness. It is all worth it in the end, as the view of the Sigiriya rock, accentuated against the backdrop of the luscious plains of the cultural triangle is truly magnificent.